Fun Incorporated - Double Crossed Dollars By Fun Incorporated

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    Fun Incorporated - Double Crossed Dollars By Fun Incorporated
    The 4-star rating I'm giving this trick isn't for the quality of the prop or the illusion that is created but it is because 'Double Crossed Dollars' is for the most part a knockoff of Dan Harlan's 'Hot Crossed Ones' with no credit or even a mention given to that clever creator. This isn't uncommon and sometimes can be looked at as a respectful nod to the creator. Dan's creation 'Cardtoon' has been mimicked so many times it's ridiculous so i'm sure he has reluctantly accepted it as part of the territory. It's just something that happens in the world of magic. Magicians love access to great illusions and when one becomes available and as long as it's well made, go ahead and get it and don't necessarily feel guilty doing it. I like to think of it as beneficial to both parties. Fun Incorporated could and should have tossed a kudos Dan's way so traffic might search for and explore his many other creations for purchase, for him to share in the profit. Magic is being released so rapidly right now many great tricks like 'Hot Crossed Ones' has for the most part disappeared into the past and this item returns this classic idea of his back to current.
    The prop you're getting here is made of thin semi-soft European style leather that will last longer than you. When you first get it you may think it wasn't built very well or accurately but soon will realize that's not the case. This prop, like many other leather products, has to be handled and flexed during performances to get the folds and seams relaxed where it settles into an easily operating prop, and everything falls into place nicely. It also folds into a nice compact condition where it can be easily carried around without taking much room at all.
    The illusion is very nice, not necessarily surprising to magicians since the secret is well known and has been utilized one way or another for decades. Lay people however will be shocked in amazement. The video you probably watched of the demonstration isn't what is explained in the printed instruction sheet that comes with the item. The video is however a superior and streamlined method. If you purchase it, read the instructions then watch the video to get it down perfectly.

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